Prospective Students

Cal Poly SWE offers a few programs for prospective students to learn more about Cal Poly Engineering.

Open House

A SWE booth will be present at Cal Poly’s Open House where students can ask SWE officers and SWE members what they think of the club and how it has helped them through college.

Big/Little Sibling Program

SWE offers a mentorship program for incoming freshmen where they will be paired with an older student in their same major to help them transition to college life and answer any questions their little sibling might have on things like class scheduling, club involvement, and subject material.

If you have any questions about the two programs above please contact the Freshmen Director (contact information listed on Contact Us page).


SWE-EETY stands for Society of Women Engineers Expressing Engineering to Youngsters.  This event targets high school students to encourage them to apply to college in engineering. 

If you have any questions about SWE-EETY please contact the High School Outreach Director (contact information listed on Contact Us page). 

SWE Welcome

SWE Welcome is a fun event that will allow high school students to experience what it means to be an engineer at Cal Poly! High school students will get to "shadow" a Cal Poly engineering student for a day, take tours of the campus, experience the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo, and even stay overnight in the freshmen dorms! 

SWE Webinar