Join PROVE Lab!

January 24, 2018

Prototype Vehicles Laboratory (PROVE Lab) is recruiting new members!

Prototype Vehicles Laboratory (PROVE Lab) has started the design process of Project 2 and wants to recruit new members to join. It is a great opportunity to be on a project from start to finish. Project 2 will be an all electric vehicle meant to cure range anxiety. PROVE aims for this vehicle to go 1000 miles on a single charge at practical speeds with a realistic, sleek look.

We are looking for passionate students from all majors and years that are interested in the design and creation of this vehicle. Some of the different subsystems include test chassis, roll cage, brakes, front and rear suspension, aeroshell, interior design, wheels, battery, and autonomous systems. There is no experience necessary to work on any of these subsystems, just pure dedication and willingness to learn.

To sign up please email with your name, year, major, and a few sentences about yourself and why you are interested in joining the project.