Study Resources

SWE is here to support your academic achievement. Listed below are the various resources available!

CLICK HERE for the Test Bank and Study Resources Packet (PDF)

Test Bank

Don’t forget to take advantage of the SWE test bank – free for all members!  This on-campus resource, located in the SWE office (197-212) is a collection of tests and quizzes from almost every major and support class as well as some GE courses.

Please, pay it forward and donate your tests to keep the test bank current in exchange for points on your membership card.  Drop off tests in the SWE office or at a SWE meeting.

Tutoring and Study Help

Need some extra help or support?  Cal Poly’s campus is full of free on-campus resources to give you a little something extra when it comes to tackling tough classes.  Check out these brainy hot spots: 

Academic Skills Center

  • Study Session Program* – sign up for bi-weekly study sessions led by an upper division student at the beginning of the quarter through your Cal Poly portal
  • Tutor Referral Service – free tutoring! Check out the website below for offerings.
  • Student Success Seminars – see the website below for the current quarter’s schedule of seminars held in the Kennedy Library
  • Study Skills Library – an online resource with study tips.
  • Check them out at or by contacting Bill Sydnor at (805)756-1256.

Supplemental Workshops in Math and Science

  • These workshops are offered in conjuncture with certain lecture courses and are worth one class credit.  Workshops are held twice a week and led by an upper division student who sits in on your lecture. 
  • Check the website,, for offerings and register for a workshop on CPReg through the Cal Poly portal.

Math Tutoring

  • Drop in tutoring available in the Learning Center (38-131).  Check out this website for this quarter’s hours and a list of private tutors:

Programming Tutoring

  •  Drop in tutoring available in Building 14 Room 302 for students taking computer programming classes.  Available Sunday nights from 7pm to 9pm.

University Writing and Rhetoric Center

  • Located in the Ag Building 10-138 and an additional location in room 202B of the library.
  • Bring in your essays for in-depth review and help with editing!


  • Drop in tutoring is available for many engineering classes.  See the website for course offerings:
  • The lab is located in the same building as the Engineering Advising Office (40-113).  It opens the second week of each quarter, Monday through Thursday, 10am-7pm.

Student Support Services

Computer Science Online

  • Offers guides that introduce the reader to different fields. 
  • Check out the Understand AI and Automation Guide, which introduces the reader to the growing automation field, provides three expert interviews, and breaks down the degrees that can get students involved in AI and automation