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Visit the SWE Office (192-212)

Hours: Open Monday through Friday fom 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM during the academic year.

SWE officers are present during open office hours to answer phone calls and provide general assistance. Students should feel free to use the office as a study area, take advantage of the test bank (for SWE members), sign up to volunteer or participate in events, and more. Free donuts are provided on Donut Fridays!

If you have questions, concerns, or comments regarding specific programs or events, please contact a SWE Officer below.


Cal Poly, UU Epicenter Box #162

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407


Building 197, Room 212 

(2nd floor of Bonderson)

Phone (805) 756 - 2417
Fax (805) 756 - 5450

2016-2017 Officers

  Position Core Name Preferred Email Major
  SWE Counselor Exec Helene Finger  
  President Exec Rebecca Kandell BMED
  Secretary Exec Sarah Freesemann BMED
  Treasurer (Income) Exec Cheyenne Dimeo AERO
  Treasurer (Expenses) Exec Tess Giles IE
  VP of Community Outreach Exec Melinda Ong EE
  Outreach Assistant Outreach Anna Vojvoda EE
  Elementary Outreach Chair Outreach Claudia Mendez ME
  Middle School Outreach Chair Outreach Cori Espelien BMED
  High School Outreach Chair Outreach Samantha Galicinao BMED
  Robotics Director Outreach Rebecca Dong CPE

SWE Next Chair

Outreach  Clarissa Dalton BMED
  VP of Corporate Relations Exec Angela Mariani IE
  Corporate Relations Assistant Corporate

Sarah Kaye AERO
  Scholarship Assistant Corporate Michelle Tran LAES
  Meetings Director Corporate Kathleen Balfour BMED
  EWI Corporate Director Corporate Jennifer Kandell BMED
  EWI Events Director Corporate Paige Camacho EE
   Team Tech Director Corporate Cecilia Yuen EE
  Team Tech Director Corporate Sarah De Rosier ME
  VP of Member Relations Exec Delaney Weidlein ME
  Member Relations Assistant Member Cassidy Thompson ME
  Professional and Alumni Director Member Sarah Rutland ME
  WOW, eWeek, & Open House Director Member Sonia Mannan CPE
  Freshmen Director Member Gabriella Graham BMED
  Diversity Director Member Iridian Vaca


  Member Retention Director Member Veronica Valley IE
  Academic Director Member Angela Wong AERO
  VP of Public Relations Exec Bernice Liu CE
  Public Relations Assistant Public Faith Chan CPE
  Department/Club Relations Director Public Angelica Chow EE
  Graphics Director Public Delaney Malta ME
  Webmaster Public Anshula Singh CSC
  Historian Public Lauren Williams  EE